Jonathan Wayne Glenn is known in his hometown, Augusta/Hephzibah Georgia, as Jon Wayne is also known for his KRK muzik which stands for Kings Recognize Kings. .AT a young age he would hang out at both is grangparents  place deep in the outer parts of the city which he learn to hunt, till the land and feed goats and chase chickens back into the pin,, He also grew up with two sisters. At the age of 10 years old, his parents went thru a divorce and he lived with his dad most of the time.Which explains his diverse image and lyrics in his rapping  as he use too run the streets alot when he stayed with his father.  As the years past, he had got into a lot of trouble like many young boys might have at his age and one day He almost lost his life over overdose on drugs which lead him to start rapping. At the age of 24 years old, he had a beautiful daughter, who changed him and his life. He started his own landscaping business. As time passed, things began to change. He lost his family and his landscaping business started to go under because he became addicted to pills real bad. He could not get up to work unless he was on pills, his equipment was stolen and he ended up losing his big contract. Because he could not pay his bills he became homeless. He almost killed himself. October 8, 2013 is the day that he will always remember. That is the day His family left and he attempted suicide but instead went to get help from a friend that was also a counselor, who help him threw the first couple of months of withdraws and depression and introduce him to NA classes where he went until he found a great church home/family (All About Change Ministries) and met Pastor Robert Elam, who helped come back in touch with God... 
With the life experience and the influence of God, his daughter, and family, Jon is able to write and perform his own songs. Cowboy, Howdy, Kuntry Boi Fresh, Comeback Power, Maybe Baby, R.I.P King, and Greatness is just a few songs that he wrote and performed. Greatness is a song that explains who Jon Wayne is and it is about his life. In 2016, Greatness video was released and received almost 250,000 hits within less than a week after getting released and currently received over 500,000 views in less than six months.  You may also hear him in other few songs such as Southern Royalty, Dirt Road Therapy, and Trailer Hood, which he wrote and performed his own verse. 
Jon Wayne  is known for Faith, Hope, and Motivation. Many types of fans are able to connect and relate thru his songs because they are able to feel his hunger for success and pain through his records as he loves passing life lessons, life experiences, and messages thru his lyrics. Being grateful for what he has more than worrying about what he don’t have makes him a unique solo artist. 
He never stops grinding in completing what he perceives as his greatest challenge as an independent artist in pursuit of his dreams- getting your voice heard by the right people in a market and industry as it becomes increasingly saturated with other talent. 
WATCH OUT for this versatile, passionate, determined solo artist who will continue to grind until he no longer needs to introduce himself. 

He is KRK